Be Kind to Yourselves

Deep down, I have the belief that we are all connected.  A couple days ago, I had an ‘Ah-ha’ moment.  I formulated a hypothesis that every person you meet in your life is actually another version of yourself.  This is a little far out, but hang in here with me for a minute.  In these alternative manifestations of yourself, different personality traits and characteristics are highlighted.  The dominate traits in others are different, but if you look inside yourself, you will see that those traits and characteristics are present in you.  It is the Universe’s clever way of teaching you about yourself.  It helps you notice, for example, the nervous and excitable part of yourself by giving you a prime example of a nervous and excitable personality in your life.  Or it shows you your innocent and childlike traits when you are in the presence of a little child and for a moment you are both full of wonder about the world.

I have no idea if this is true, but I think this idea is worth examining further.  I think that this idea may give me more compassion and empathy for other people.  Following this premise, I am going to be kinder to and more patient with all of ‘myselves’ I encounter out in my world.